Painful sex is not normal

It is not pleasant for a woman to have sex if it is painful, right? And it definitely is not normal. That is something you should know. Well, of course you might experience pain during your first intercourse, however, you should not experience pain regularly. If that happens, then you should probably do something about it. And what? Well, let´s have a look together.

Insufficient lubrication might be the problem

First reason is insufficient lubrication. This can be solved by dedicating enough time to the foreplay. Or by getting a lubricant. Another reason is an injury or a trauma. In case it is an injury, you will probably need to visit your doctor, in case it is a trauma you will probably need to visit a psychiatrist.

Also, inflammation of infections can cause pain during sex. And then vaginismus, surgeries and illnesses. Apart from that, stress can also make sex painful. Or any previous bad experiences you had.


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